Ever wondered how you stack up against other players?

The statistical tracker was developed with the purpose of allowing you as a player to get an overview of your consistency in game, and your performance over time. It logs kills, incapacitations, deaths, and a lot more - all on an individual round basis. This data has never before been available, and with it, we think we can help you pinpoint areas you need to improve upon.

With this, however, we also want to issue a warning:

Squad is not a game of just K/D
Using these statistics as a sole metric of player quality is something we discourage heavily. Whilst it can provide interesting insight, Squad is a game of teamwork and cooperation. The least kill-yielding tasks in Squad can be the most important for your team.

On our servers, we aim to always have the highest levels of competent gameplay. Teamwork, coordination, cooperation and winning will always be the primary objectives of any round. Use these statistics responsibly.


Frequently (supposedly) asked questions

  1. Why are there three KD statistic numbers, and how are they calculated?

    We try to provide different metrics in order to give a holistic view of performance over time. Some calculations are better at noticing short-term changes, whilst some change more gradually over longer periods of time.

    On the Player List, we display a total K/D Ratio over all games for a given player. This is simply because it's the most relevant information when comparing totals, like the player list page does. This is simply total kills, divided by total deaths.

    On an individual player profile page however, we display KD Total, K/D Average, and K/D Median. Total is simply Kills over Deaths. The average is your K/D, over each round you've played, divided by the number of rounds you've played. The median is the median value of your kills, over the median value of your deaths.

  2. My statistics aren't accurate! I have a screenshot to prove it.

    This can happen, although it's fairly rare. There are unfortunately certain types of events that occur within Squad, that we simply can not retrieve. As a result, in very specific circumstances, your stats here may differ by one or two events.

    If you have a screenshot, feel free to post it in our Discord, so that we can verify exactly what happened. That said, we won't update your statistics on this page (remember: Squad is not a game revolving around your stats).

  3. I don't want my statistics displayed on here.

    When playing on our server, we will collect this data, and it will always be viewable by a select group of people (such as the maintainers, and Mumblerine members). We can however disable public access to your statistics.

    Note that if we do this, you will not be visible to the public, period. Your contributions (or lack thereof) toward a specific match will be hidden, and your profile page will be inaccessible.

    If you'd still prefer that, come on our Discord, jump into #admin_support, and follow the guidelines there.